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Algorithms Leading Transformation in Education

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Systems Development/Design

Transform Organizational Practice

Executive Coaching/Team Development

Transform Leadership

Personalized Engagement

Transform Culture

Design Matters

Our Focus

  • Systems driven by data and purpose
  • Sustainable, adaptive and transformative organizational practices
  • Leadership (individual and team) competencies driven by performance measures

Our Services

Presentations and Workshops

Our team of leaders, ed innovators and teachers offer a variety of customized sessions that catalyze educators and re-shape school systems. 

Examples of sessions:

  • Performance Dashboards for school leaders
  • Collaborative Inquiry
  • Instructional Rounds
  • Learning protocols for the classroom

Systems Implementation

We design and help implement systems that accelerate adult learning, create lasting interdependencies and drive school-wide goals for student learning outcomes.

Our expertise areas include:

  • Professional Learning Communities 
  • Team protocols 
  • Data Driven Practice (leaders and educators)
  • Internal school reviews
  • Micro-credentialing programs

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Our experienced team of instructional leaders can provide one to one coaching that is personalized and relevant to meeting the challenges of the current reform movement in the following areas:

  • Leadership of innovation and transformation
  • Adaptive leadership strategies
  • Instructional leadership competencies
  • Distributed leadership models
  • Leading turnaround

Algorithms to Adopt!

Methods and Systems Matter for Outcomes

Algorithm: a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations. 

We have developed innovative approaches to solving problems of leading educational change in the 21st century. Follow the process and ensure success!

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